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Existential therapy is an approach that explores problems of living from a philosophical perspective. It looks at ways we have lost touch with our authentic selves, and aims to reconnect us through a reflection on our values, beliefs, and choices.

Existential therapists support clients to explore their experience of life, challenges, and relationships. They seek to understand what it is that matters to clients, and emphasise the client's ability to make choices for a more meaningful life.

Existential therapy does not provide strategies for short-term symptom relief (e.g. anxiety), so it is not suitable for everyone. Existential therapists believe that an honest exploration of our experience of the problem will lead to greater self-awareness of what truly matters, opening possibilities to choose more in accord with our real needs, and that it is this process that leads to relief from symptoms.

Engaging with an existential therapist means meeting another human being who is equally challenged to live a meaningful life, and who is unafraid to look at the big questions of meaning, life, death, loss, freedom, and uncertainty, with you.

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